Course Aims

Teaching methods course aims to promote and support teaching Staff within the University of Koya by Using wide range of fields  could be clarified inarticulate as follows:
  • Provide teaching staff with theoretical information in several areas (psychological, educational, administrative, research, etc.). To help the faculty to carry out their duties to the fullest.
  • How to apply this information during the period of their lives (their service) within the university .
  • Continuous improvement and enhance the capabilities of the participants in terms of teaching performance.
  • Briefing and open new horizons for teaching Staff to use them in their daily campus.
  • Correct the deviation of teaching staff and performance strengths statement supported and developed and weaknesses  for the advancement and corrections of teaching Staff experiences.
  • Qualifying graduates for scientific title (assistant teacher) to drive a master's degree, previously or newly graduates alike.
  • Contribute to the rehabilitation of graduates wishing to obtain a scientific upgrade holders of a master's degree (Assistant Lecturer and above), and a doctorate title holders (teacher and above).